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initializing Flip breaks code

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I am new to the flip plugin and I would like to include it to a click event for my page. When I initialize it by adding the "registerplugin" to the top of my page my code stops working. How do I get Flip to work with my current JS?  The code is very simple



const pop = document.querySelector(".pop");
const popExit = document.querySelector(".pop-exit");
document.querySelector(".img-1").addEventListener("click", () => {
  pop.style.visibility = "initial";
popExit.addEventListener("click", () => {
  pop.style.visibility = "hidden";
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Hi @_hedura_. Welcome to the forums. 


It's pretty much impossible to troubleshoot by just looking at a small excerpt of code. Can you please provide a minimal demo that clearly shows the problem? I wonder if you just forgot to load Flip plugin. Are you seeing any errors in the console? 

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