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Demo's across the gsap plugins and others.

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Ok, so most of time I've searching a lot of information in forums but I wanna grasp it in into one with all the demos that gsap has because it has 21 Plugins right and others like timeline and tweens. I wonder where I could get all the demo's with information in that plugins without looking much in docs cause the docs is not quite clear sometime without any demo's or just a minor example..yeah just saying... but anyways thanks for a lot of help here including the staffs and moderator I learn a lot of animation but I wish I could be member soon so I don't have to struggle with some animations hahaha...(after I get a job maybe hehe?)
I've already seen alot in scrollTrigger demo's but I believe there's something more than just scrollTrigger plugin right? thanks.

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Take a look at the Green sock CodePen collection page, lots of demos of all the different plugin and tools. https://codepen.io/GreenSock/collections/


I find the docs are fairly clear, most of the time they have a video showing what the plugin can do. This is usually a proof of concept. That's the beauty of GSAP it can do what ever you want! You just have to put in the time and learn it. 

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It's pretty tough to make the docs please everyone. If we put too much content in there, some people complain it's overwhelming. Too little and people complain there's not enough. We try to provide just the right amount of info, but I'm sure we could do better in some places. Where there's more potential confusion and lots of options, we add more info and sometimes videos. When it's just a simple function, we keep it very concise. 


6 hours ago, Xenex122 said:

I wonder where I could get all the demo's with information in that plugins without looking much in docs

That's pretty much what the docs are for :)


And of course the CodePen collections that @mvaneijgen mentioned - if you just wanna poke around and see things in use, those are fantastic. 


The home page of the docs has an entire overview of all the tools available with links directly to their docs. 

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