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DrawSVGPlugin is not working as I spect with nextjs

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Hi just joined to club GreenSock and I'm trying to make animation with DrawSVGPlugin ,following steps of codepen example, and Nextjs.

The SVG renders for 1 second then it disappears.  


I attach  a image with the code I have


See the Pen wvMaZBv?editors=1111 by janessa99 (@janessa99) on CodePen

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I'm not sure I understand your question, @JEANETTE. It looks like it's working the way I'd expect in that CodePen. Am i missing something? 


One thing that looked odd to me is that you created the timeline OUTSIDE of your useEffect(). I think it's best-practice to put that inside. 


Can you please provide a very clear minimal demo and elaborate on the problem and explain how we can reproduce it? 

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