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Scroll trigger + Momentum Scrolling (not anchor link)

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Hey Community, 
I am quiet new to gsap and I love what you can do with it. 
I have a obsession with with smooth scrolling though and when I use "butter.js" or "luxy.js" the gap code won't work anymore. I already looked through some GSAP forums and found some smooth scrolling code build with the ScrollTrigger Plugin but it breaks the code as well. 

Thanks in advance :)

See the Pen zYRJNxe by BongoMioG (@BongoMioG) on CodePen

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12 hours ago, Bango said:

when I use "butter.js" or "luxy.js" the gap code won't work anymore.

I'm not familiar with either of those, but if they do smooth scrolling, they are very likely interfering with the native scroll which is what ScrollTrigger is based on. You'd need to look into configuring ScrollTrigger.scrollerProxy() to use a 3rd party library (which we can't support here). Like @SteveS said, you might want to use ScrollSmoother :)


Also, the way your demo is using onscroll stuff to add/remove classes and control opacity is quite wasteful in my opinion - you can just use ScrollTrigger for that stuff and it'll be even more efficient. Just an idea.


Good luck!

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Thanks for the feedback. I looked after the SmoothScroll plugin but as a newbie hobby Developer are 140€ little to much for a smooth scroll. 
But thanks anyways :)

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