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Hello, as you may see in the codepen.

I need, when you scroll down on the first viewport to go directly to second section like snaping.


But my main issue is that i want, when the section (.box-a) reach the viewport to disable the option to go up, instead of that, (i want to create handle the scroll up and scroll down to display the inner classes)

For example, i am on .box-a view, (i scroll down and i want to display .second-scroll and then third etc..) and if i scroll up i want the reverse, but user should have the option to see again the .hero section

See the Pen GRQqBEg by skigo (@skigo) on CodePen

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Hi kobracode,


I've read your question several times, but I'm unsure about what you're asking. Can you please clarify your question with more details?

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Hello, sure.

I will give an example:


we have 2 main sections 100vh each.

when you scroll from the hero to the second, the scroll will be once(snap) like go to.


when second option is active, and I need to disable your from going back to the hero section (disappearing hero section) and also while you are in the second section and you scroll up or down to have the callbacks to trigger the content of the second section 

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I read your original question a few times and your followup and I'm still completely lost, sorry. 🤷‍♂️


Maybe you're talking about an effect that'd be better suited for Observer plugin if you want things to respond to scroll sometimes but not others (conditional): 



These forums aren't really for "here are my list of requirements...please show me how to build it" questions, but we're happy to answer any GSAP-specific ones. If you need paid consulting services, you could post in the "Jobs & Freelance" forum. 


Good luck!

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