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oskar råhlén

Module not found - ScrollSmoother

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I just became Green Club Member and I'm trying to install ScrollSmoother. 

I've installed GSAP using the "gsap-business-green.zip" as instructed. But when i add ScrollSmoother to my Next project, i get "Module not found". 



any suggestions to what I'm doing wrong? 

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Welcome to the forums @oskar råhlén


It doesn't look like you have installed correctly as all of the bonus plugins are missing from your screenshot. Maybe you have an older version cached.



And you'll need to import every plugin from the dist folder in next.js for the time being.


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"yarn cache clean" did it, thanks a lot!  


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  • 8 months later...

i`m install 

"gsap": "^3.11.4", 

but dont installed scrollSmoother 

Module not found: Error: Can't resolve 'gsap/ScrollSmoother'


how to fix 

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Hi @JavohirbekKhaydarov. Welcome the forums. ScrollSmoother is a membership benefit of Club GreenSock. It looks like you haven't joined yet, so you don't have access to that plugin. Once you join ("Shockingly Green" or higher), you'll get access to a download zip and/or a private NPM repository. 

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Hi I can confirm we're having the same issue with a next.js starter project


We're on a business green plan and have imported the library as per the instructions on our account login


Please see code sandbox here -> [ edited out ]


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Hello @slik


I removed the link for your example for now, since you pushed your .npmrc file with your private npm token in it. Please remove that and instead use the gsap-trial package in Codesandbox. When you updated your example, add another post in this thread with the new URL, and I'm sure, once one of the Admins finds the time then, they will come in to help you out. Thanks!




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@slik we'd be happy to help once we can see a minimal demo (and like @akapowl said, please don't post your private token - you can use the gsap-trial package instead). I don't see any Club GreenSock membership associated with your account. Are you sure you've got the proper license/membership that has access to ScrollSmoother? Did you sign up under a different account that hasn't added you as a developer under their account? 

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Circling back - I just noticed in your original link that you are indeed importing from a package that does NOT have ScrollSmoother (I looked in your package.json). Since you don't have the proper Club GreenSock membership, you don't have access to ScrollSmoother or the other bonus plugins. Does that clear things up? Once you sign up for the proper membership, you'll immediately gain access (you'll need to update that package.json to import from the proper package name/address). 

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