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Havas Media

Can't find GSDevTools in gsap-member zip

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Hello :-)


Everything is in the title, i recently downloaded the gsap-member archive and i can't find GSdevtools.js file.

Thanks a lot for your help


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Hello Bernard!


GSDevTools is available for members of Club GreenSock - ShockinglyGreen and above.


As all the bonus files for club-members, you can test it on codepen.io or codesandbox.io. If you want to use it outside of those, you should consider joining the club - I'm pretty sure you will quickly find that it is more than worth it with all the time the bonus tools will save you. 


Happy Tweening!



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as i mentioned previously, i download the gsap-member zip file which mean i'm already a Gsap Member ;)
I don't need npm package neither codepen links (even if they are really helpful btw). I produce animated banners and i need the GSDevtool.min.js file locally (which was i the zip folder in the previous Gsap3 package)
I use a previous version of GSdevTools.js file that works but recently i noticed a bug so i tried to download the lastest gsap package to check if a update has been made on the gsdevtools file.

Thanks for you help

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And as I mentioned previously, you need to be a Club Member of tier ShockinglyGreen or above to get access to GSDevTools, not a 'regular' member. Have a look at the linked page, it shows what extra tools and plugins come with every tier of the club membership.


So instead of gsap-member.zip you would have access to the gsap-shockingly-green.zip file then.


I don't know whether GSDevTools was accessible for regular non-club members earlier, or not - but currently I do not see your account being a club membership. Maybe I'm just misunderstanding though and you've got a club membership on a different account or something like that, so we'll just have to wait for one of the admins to jump in. Thanks for you patience.

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My bad sorry... I didn't noticed the "?" badge that tells i'm not in Club anymore...:wacko:
i thought that my account was renewed by my agency (as it is since maaaany years :grin:) but it seems i need to ask them this time. Thanks for the quick reply!


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Oh, alright - I hope you'll get it figured out then :)

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8 hours ago, akapowl said:

I don't know whether GSDevTools was accessible for regular non-club members earlier, or not

Just to clear that up, we have NEVER taken a tool from being free to then put it behind a paywall. I'd personally find that unethical in almost all cases. It feels like a breach of trust or a slimy tactic. However, we have on several occasions taken a members-only plugin and put it into the public package. 👍


Thanks for being a Club GreenSock member in the past, @Havas Media. Good luck getting your company back on board. Hopefully it's clear that the membership pays for itself very quickly and then makes you more profitable. 

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