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Horizontal Scrolling Page with Navigation Anchors on Side

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I'm coming to this having started from that support question. Many years ago I'd built a site based on this very old tutorial. Then, a few months ago I got some assistance on

See the Pen JjNOeLv by ThePixelPixie (@ThePixelPixie) on CodePen

in order to create a simple horizontal scroll, which worked pretty nicely.


Today I've started to try and combine the scripts from support question responses, and the horizontal scroll pen, in the one I've included here (somehow I don't think that sentence makes any sense except in my own head) in order to emulate the behavior from that old tutorial. In any case, I'm not sure why it's not really working the way I think it should. I'm still fairly new to gsap, so I apologize in advance for not seeing things that should probably be obvious.

See the Pen zYpbLNV by ThePixelPixie (@ThePixelPixie) on CodePen

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Hi PixelPixie,


It's best to keep your demos as simple as possible, that just focus on the issue at hand. So based on the question in that previous post, is this what you were going for? All I really did is move the nav to side and added a the same onlick listener that the nav uses for each section, so when click on a section it does the same thing as click on the nav links.


See the Pen WNdWbvP by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen


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@OSUblake - Thanks. Sorry I made my question more complicated than necessary. I have a tendency to over-explain.


Yes, this is basically what I was looking for. Thank you!!!

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