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Sebastian Anything

Front End Dev wanted for super funky straightforward website build

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Hi there lovely developer community. 


I‘m looking for a front end dev to do a cool little website project.

It’s something along the lines of:



It’s just a one pager with 2 other pages. The rest is external links. It’s pretty simple/straightforward in general, I think. But it has some 3D obj or fbx elements which need to spin around and the site should have nice transitions, UI/ rollover animations and feel fluent/responsive. If you know what I mean?


I’m a creative designer. Not a developer but I imagine it's WebGL using ThreeJS or some sorts. 


I have figma design and all the 3D assets etc. ready to go


If you are interested please get in touch


Thank you very much


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Hey Sebastian, I'd love to collaborate with you long term.

I've sent you DM. Check it and let me know if you're still in search of a dev

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