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timeline to only run once, but not when navigating back to homepage

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I've recently started using gsap (impressed so far!). However, I have a timeline which I only want the animations to run when the homepage first loads.


I've set a key and value in sessionStorage.setItem()checked if the page has been visited in getItem()and then called  tl.paused(true) on the timeline if true. But this obviously pauses everything. I basically want the animations to run on each first visit to the site, but not when navigating through different pages on the site, then when revisiting the hompage all the elements are in place without the animations.


Is this possible or a simple way to do this?

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Welcome to the forums @mattdavis06


It's possible, but I'm not exactly sure what mean by it pauses everything. If you're wanting the animations in their end state, trying using progress or totalProgress instead.





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Sorry, I meant that is pauses the whole timeline, so none of the elements animate. 


But thank you very much, tl.progress(1) works! 

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