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Image appearing "laggy" with stagger

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Hello, i've tried to make an image appear with stagger, you can see on the code that it's for the const 11. Everytime i start the site the site load great but as soon as the image appear the site become laggy for 1sec and then proceed to load everything else. 

I'm using Chrome on macOS. Thank you for you help ! 

See the Pen eYeOmLm by aeronmen2 (@aeronmen2) on CodePen

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I don't see any lag whatsoever. But if there is a lag, it has nothing to do with GSAP - it almost surely has to do with browser graphics rendering. 


By the way, you could greatly simplify your code - you don't need to use .fromTo() for everything and there's no point to having a "stagger" defined on a tween that only has one target - staggers only apply when there are MULTIPLE targets in a tween. Here's how you could approach it in a simplified way: 

See the Pen RwjbRKw?editors=0010 by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen

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