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Follow cursor created with quickSetter() does not work

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I made a follow cursor using gsap's quickSetter and ticker.

Originally there was no problem, but a bug occurred while refactoring.

I really don't know why.


new ver



previous ver



The reason I did the refactoring was because I wanted to handle similar calculations in one function.

Please help me...

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We really try to keep these forums focused on GSAP-specific questions (not general logic ones), but I assume this is what you wanted: 



Your code was assuming that this was actually changing the pos.y/pos.x: 

const posSet = (p, m, d) => p += (m - p) * d;

But it wasn't - that is merely changing the LOCAL VARIABLE named "p". 


You also had typos where you used "y" instead of "x":

// bad
const xSetFollowPos = posSet(posF.y, mouse.y, dtF);

// good
const xSetFollowPos = posSet(posF.x, mouse.x, dtF);

Good luck!

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