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Olly Grunt

Play animation when in viewport AND previous animation has finished

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I would like an animation to play when it enters the viewport, but it must wait until an earlier animation has finished. If the earlier animation has already finished it can play immediately on entering the viewport.


Can someone point me in the right direction as to how to approach this? Thanks

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Hi Olly,


I think this is kind of hard to answer without seeing what you're doing and what your expectations of the behavior are. Do you think you can put together a minimal demo, maybe with really simple animations like moving a box? Thanks!


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Yeah, here's a quick rough idea: 

	trigger: ...,
	start: ...,
	once: true,
	onEnter: () => {
		gsap.to(..., {
			// add a delay based on how much of the other animation is left to play
			delay: otherAnimation.totalDuration() - otherAnimation.totalTime()


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Thanks Jack! I think your solution will do the trick.



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