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splittext + scrolltrigger glitch

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This feels close to what I'm trying to accomplish, huge thanks to so many examples out there. Lost count of how many codepens and threads I looked at.


Only issue is it seems to fire twice and I'm not sure why.. thanks!

See the Pen vYevrjp by gweatherson (@gweatherson) on CodePen

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34 minutes ago, gweatherson said:

Only issue is it seems to fire twice and I'm not sure why.. thanks!

Can you elaborate a bit? What fires twice? 


Be very careful about using from() tweens in that manner because you're likely to run into logic issues. Remember that .from() tweens will use the CURRENT value as the end, and start at whatever you define. So think about what would happen if the user scrolls down quickly and then back up and down again very fast - those elements would be in the middle of tweening (let's say they're at opacity of 0.2) and then the .from() fires. That means it'll use 0.2 as the destination value, thus things will end up looking like they're stuck mid-tween but it's not a bug in GSAP at all - it's just a logic issue in your code. See what I mean? 


See this article: 



Here's how I'd do it (if I understand your goal correctly): 

See the Pen YzrdjVJ?editors=1010 by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen


Does that help? 

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