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Pin-Spacer makes content underneath unclickable

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I already posted a similar problem, but I later realised that the solution I received was not wo sufficient:


I have two scroll animations after each other. The Pin-Spacer of the first animation overlays the a tags at a certain scroll position and so there unclickable because they're overlayed by the pin-spacer. Is there any way I can make the a tags clickable? Mabe make the pin-spacer  layer not blocking or something else. (if I enable pin Spacing the a tag gets clickable but then there's a huge white space between the two animations.)


Thank you for your answers!

See the Pen oNGydxG by pascalgehring (@pascalgehring) on CodePen

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How about this? I'm just toggling a class that changes the pointer events from none to auto.


See the Pen mdBzEPd by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen


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The toggleClass did the trick for me. I added z-index:100 for the toggleClass, because pointer-events:auto didn't seem to work.

Thank you for your Answers!

Best Wishes


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