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Horizonal Scrolling Issue

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So I'm trying to turn my website (aconcussionstory.com also my first website) into a horizontal displayed home/index page, however I'm having a hard time using GSAP/Codepen's simple Horizontal Scrolling with Snapping.  when I input the content into the DIVs/Sections, the website just displays as a blank field, I've messed around with the padding in the console not but the content still doesn't show up.  Can anyone see what my issue is here?

See the Pen abLOjWo by andy-le-lam (@andy-le-lam) on CodePen

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Welcome to the forums @Kepbob


We really try to keep these forums focused on GSAP-specific questions (please read the forum guidelines). I would suggest studying the original CodePen with no JavaScript just to see how it's laid out. The horizontal scrolling is fake. It's just animating a container on the x-axis. And I would  also suggest getting rid of any mousewheel events and other jQuery animations.


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