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Simple square SVG mask centred

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Hi everyone, can can someone please help.


I'm playing around with a SVG mask (first try with CSS too, so please bear with me). I have taken an existing round mask/animation previously shown on codepen and have chosen to make it square. But at the moment the animation seems to animate top left, I'd like this to start from the centre.

I have tried to playing around with the 'transformOrigin' but it doesn't seem to change, what am I doing wrong?


thanks in advanced.

See the Pen WNEqMZW by velvetsoup (@velvetsoup) on CodePen

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Use scale instead of tweening the attributes. You'll also want to set the width and height of the rectangle to 100 because the viewBox is 100 x 100.


See the Pen jOGOqxv by PointC (@PointC) on CodePen


Happy tweening.



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