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Text Animation Stuck (in normal display, but not while inspecting)

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Hi! I tried animating the 'left' value of a absolute-positioned long and big text. The result I got is the animation stuck at the first word until the last word about to exit the screen. The weird thing is the animation runs fine when I'm hovering the element in inspect mode. Can I get some help? Thanks.


Edit: Seems like it's a browser problem? I usually use Firefox, but the animation seems to run well in Chrome.


Fix: It worked in Firefox as well when i changed to animate xPercent instead.

See the Pen vYJoZXV by hadiihartono (@hadiihartono) on CodePen

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@HadiH so are you all set? Did you still have a GSAP-related question we could help with or did you resolve things? 

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