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Stars / Galaxy like animation

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Hello everyone: 

This is my first post. I'm kinda new to gsap and graphics in general and wanted to share this piece of work, looking for opinions on how to optimize it. 
url: https://matrix-gsap.vercel.app/
repo: https://github.com/christianLB/matrix-gsap
I moved from DOM to using PIXI plugin and a couple of GLSL shaders for drawing stars and filters.
My intention is to create a custom gsap effect that arranges items in a galaxy like formation but I seem not to find the correct way to do it. I'd appreciate some ideas or references to similar work to help learning. 
Thanks in advance!


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Welcome to the forums, @K2600-Alex, and more importantly welcome to GSAP. :)


Cool effect.


We really try to keep these forums focused on GSAP-specific questions (please read the forum guidelines), as we don't have the resources to offer free general consulting. Reading through thousands of lines of code and giving optimization advice is a lot to ask. But of course if someone else here has the time and interest, great! 


Good luck with the project and the learning journey. Happy tweening!

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