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Hello everyone!


Now we have a website, we are redesigning it. We have layouts in Figma, but they have animations.
It is necessary to take what is now and entrust layouts with animations.


Figma: https://www.figma.com/file/KMtI5k0jwjTXZDp4wJSZ50/4-pages?node-id=1281%3A5333


The templating engine is now nunjucks, but you can do just animations separately.

A couple of pages are already typeset (such as Vacancies and Works).

I will provide the source codes for the layout.

True, the font family will change over the course of the day.


I need an estimate of the cost and timing of the entire layout and animations separately.


Animation Effect: https://k72.ca/en/about

Scroll Effect: https://florianmonfrini.com

Scroll Effect: https://www.jonway.studio


Thank you!

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I just came to say that, that's quite frankly one of the best looking sites I've ever seen tbh.

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