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ScrollTrigger stops working properly after I open and close a modal!

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I have a problem with ScrollTrigger, it stops working properly after I open up and close a modal on my single page application.

I have build my application with React. The only thing I have found as a solution is to call the ScrollTrigger.refresh(). I have tried that but I can't get it to work. Can you give me some examples on how I should use it? The modal pops-up after I have clicked on a button. I don't think that I'm the first one who have had this problem. Really need your help!


Best Regards, 


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Welcome to the forums @MalinO


It's impossible to say what's going on without seeing the issue. Can you make a minimal demo showing the issue? We don't need to see your entire project. Just enough code to recreate the issue. You can use CodeSandbox to make a React demo.

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