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similar effect with gsap of scrool help / ideas.

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That site isn't using native scrolling, which is what ScrollTrigger is for. Notice how it doesn't have any scrollbars, which usually means they are using wheel events. They are using GSAP for the animations, but using three.js for rendering.


How, to create that effect is beyond the scope of this forum. I'm sure if you search on CodePen you can find a similar effect. I'm pretty sure I've seen something like that before.



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I badly explained myself. I am not interested in the rendering part or the non-custom scroll but I was wondering if with scrolltrigger it was possible to do that type of animation form navigation, a zoom inside a zoom loop. see image of website https://2018.craftedbygc.com/#enter


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Sure - the scale itself will just be something along these lines - very simple.

gsap.to(object, {
  scale: 2,

If you try to do this with HTML elements you'll may end up with pixelation or juddering though. It would be quite hard on the browser. This brings us back to the rendering side - They're adjusting properties of three.js objects.


The hard bit will be creating the three.js scene.

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