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SplitText callback to start second animation

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I've got this animation running where I want the red line to animate to 100% width  once the second line of SplitText has animated in...


I've tried setting an active class using a callback - but can't figure out how to get it to fire just on the second line - as I've got it, it fires every time....any help appreciated :)


See the Pen dyvxRvd by nickjacobsnz (@nickjacobsnz) on CodePen

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Every tween you have is calling doBackground. You need to add it conditionally like this.


let vars = {duration:0.55, yPercent:100, stagger:0.03,ease:'power4.out'};
if (index === 1) {
  vars.onComplete = doBackground;

tl.from(chars.chars, vars, ">-30%")


Or you could just put the callback in your timeline.

if (index === 1) {


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Great stuff, thanks!

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