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Add a pause or delay in an existing tween

Go to solution Solved by OSUblake,

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What's the most efficient way to add a pause/delay of arbitrary length at an arbitrary position in an existing tween or timeline?
I'm looking for something like addPause()but with a duration parameter as well as a position parameter.

See CodePen for what I'm trying to achieve.

Thanks for your time.


See the Pen jOwKBBy by monospace (@monospace) on CodePen

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  • Solution

Hi monospace!


.addPause() will only work with a timeline, but you could do something like this using delayedCall.


let tl = gsap.timeline()
  .to(".blob", {
    y: 200,
    duration: 9,
    ease: "none"
  .addPause(3, function(){  
    gsap.delayedCall(2, () => tl.resume());
  .addPause(6, function(){
    gsap.delayedCall(2, () => tl.resume())


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Ooh, nice, delayedCall is exactly what I was looking for.

That's like gsap's version of setTimeout, right?

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Yep, so if you want a reusable helper function to accomplish what Blake did...

function pauseFor(tl, duration, position) {
  return tl.addPause(position || tl.duration(), () => gsap.delayedCall(duration, () => tl.resume()));


pauseFor(tl, 2, 3);


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Fantastic. Is there a featured Helper Function page? Because that would totally belong there.


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There are a bunch of helper functions at https://greensock.com/docs/v3/HelperFunctions, yes, but I don't really think this one warrants a place on that page because:

  1. I doubt many people would use it. That page can be overwhelming already, so we have to be careful not to add too many.
  2. It's pretty simple/basic. I'd guess that most people could do that on their own (but I could be totally wrong). 
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It's pretty basic but not obvious, and, at least to me, it's the kind of functionality that I thought would be part of the core framework but isn't. It's definitely going into my own snippets library.


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