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Looped "Scrolling" Section Transitions - ScrollTrigger

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Plz help!
I'm trying to animate a page with multiple sections.
1. header (height:100vh)
2. ScrollTrigger(Looped "Scrolling" Section Transitions)
3. footer(height:100vh)

See the Pen zYzjvpE by minhcodefactory (@minhcodefactory) on CodePen

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Hi quocminh3707, welcome to the GSAP forums!

I'm afraid I've read your questions and I don't quite understand what you're aiming for.


If you have a looped scrolling section with a footer afterwards you would never reach the footer.

Could you explain what you're trying to achieve and explain what you've tried?


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Oh ok I get you!

No looping. ☺️

Here you go - you need to adjust the styling and markup a little to get this right.

You'll also need to pin the container for the duration so that you get that 'fixed' effect before scrolling on to the footer.

See the Pen wvejoZR?editors=0010 by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen

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