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CustomEase License / Node JS import issue

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Hey everyone, I'm trying to include CustomEase on my Svelte project. I am under the impression CustomEase is included with the free membership? I could be mistaken. Anyway, I was trying to look for the bug that was preventing me from importing it and I found that it was commented out under "Bonus" in my node_modules folder gsap/all.js, which gave me the impression it's only for club members.


export * from "./MotionPathPlugin.js";
export * from "./PixiPlugin.js";
export * from "./ScrollToPlugin.js";
export * from "./ScrollTrigger.js";
export * from "./TextPlugin.js";
//export * from "./CustomEase.js";
//export * from "./DrawSVGPlugin.js";
//export * from "./Physics2DPlugin.js";
//export * from "./PhysicsPropsPlugin.js";
//export * from "./ScrambleTextPlugin.js";
//export * from "./CustomBounce.js";


If it's club-only please let me know. But if not, I wonder how I can include it without breaking the code for when you guys release updates?






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