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Misha M

Job Opening in SweetRush: Design-to-Code Web Developer, Javascript Animator

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Full job description and application here: https://sweetrush.applytojob.com/apply/8Gql8sniwT/Senior-Creative-DesigntoCode-Web-Developer?referrer=20210722164805S3UTPQV2JKCMDBXC



SweetRush has an exciting opportunity for an experienced creative front-end developer (full stack is also acceptable) with an eye for graphic and UX design!


Key factors we are looking for:

  • Accomplished front-end developer with proven track record
  • Accomplished JavaScript animator - this means that you love making objects move, flip, and interact on the web page. We love eye candy, and you must too!
  • Experience with frameworks like Three.js and GSAP is highly desirable. If you can GreenSock - you can SweetRush!
  • Experience with implementing complex design-to-code websites or applications
  • Experience and comfort with JavaScript libraries, primarily React 
  • Extreme attention to details
  • Complete mastery of HTML and CSS
  • Impressive online portfolio and/or creative personal website


Best candidates usually

  • Designer-turned-developer
  • Have elements of both creative (visual) and engineering thinking


What will you be working on:

  • Educational courses, learning websites and games, learning apps, interactivities
  • Close collaboration with outer teams, including design, project management, and other developers
  • Multiple intense projects
  • Internal productivity tools, libraries, applications 


How you will be working

  • Always as part of a team, usually made of 6-12 people
  • You may, or may not be the only developer on any given project. Other team members are from different departments


What will get you the job

  • Show me something that you have done, something interesting, engaging and visually complex. This can include parallaxes, JavaScript animations, complex layouts. Make me believe that you are the right person for the job - you should already have a great portfolio if you are!



  • We are 100% remote, and so are you, but...
  • You must be in Americas because the Time Zone is important. Your presence during business hours is crucial because there are a lot of meetings, collaborations, and touch points happening during that time frame.


  • We are a very culture-oriented team. This means that you must like being engaged with different folks from other countries (primarily USA and Costa Rica). Being present, being proactive, willing to jump in all the way - that's the key to success!


  • Yes, ability to speak good English is very important. You do not need to be perfect, but you must be fluent because communication is essential!



If the above describes your interests and experience, please submit a current resume and your salary requirements. We look forward to meeting you! 

Please note: We're all about remote work and have collaborators based all around the world; however, SweetRush is a US-based company, and English is our primary language. If you'd like to be considered for this opportunity, please submit your resume in English.




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Perfect. Thank you for reaching out and pleasure meeting you. I will follow up shortly!

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Hello Misha,

Hope you are doing well!!

I am glad to assist you, for further discussion please reach me at my mail: codereadydev@gmail.com or Skype me: live:.cid.99e9496b60d86b06

Awaiting for your positive response.

Kind Regards,


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Hi Mike,


please do me a favor and submit your resume through https://sweetrush.applytojob.com/apply/8Gql8sniwT/Senior-Creative-DesigntoCode-Web-Developer?referrer=20210722164805S3UTPQV2JKCMDBXC so I have you in the system


or alternatively, please message me your resume/portfolio links so that I can do a quick evaluation


Thank you Mike!

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Is this job offer still valid? And is it possible to work remotely from home? I did my bachelor's degree in computer science specializing in software engineering. Still, I am very passionate about technology, programs, especially web design, graphic design, and UX design. So far, I have focused a lot on providing worldwide freelance services and have taken on quite a few projects since. However, I feel the need to be part of a company and a team to learn from.

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