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Setting start and end progress for a scrollTrigger scrub animation

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I have a timeline that is being controlled by scrollTrigger using scrub. Rather than have the scrollTrigger start the animation sequence at a progress of 0 and complete at 1 would it be possible to define the values for the starting or ending point of the animation for use with scrollTrigger?


I would like to take my timeline and define its starting point / starting frame to already be 10% of the way into the animation or a progress of  0.1. Then if a user would scroll up, scrollTrigger would not go lower than 0.1 progress of the timeline animation.


For example: lets say a circle moved 100 pixels left over 10 seconds. How could I setup a scrollTrigger timeline such that I could define the start of the animation to a progress of .1 (10 pixels to the left) and end at .9 (90 pixels to the left). 


const master = gsap.timeline({
	start: 0.1,
  	end: .9,
		trigger: '#dod',
		start: "20% 0%",
		target: "#dod_diagram",
		anticipatePin: 0.1,
		//markers: true,
		scrub: 0.2,
		pin: true,
		pinSpacing: true,
		onUpdate: self => console.log("progress:", self.progress)


Thank you for any suggestions!


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  • Solution

Heya @sosilver!

You can tween the progress of a tween or Timeline. It's probably one of my favourite GSAP tricks. That may be a nice solution. ☺️

See the Pen JjNbyGv?editors=1010 by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen

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Hi Cassie, this technique worked great. Thanks for the tip!


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Hooray! Happy I could help. 🥳

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