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Hope this isn't a dumb question...


I totally forgot about the TextPlugin du to a lot of fancy newer stuff I guess, but I was remembered by a question here yesterday - and as it happens I had the 'idea' of using it to expand text . I would like to have the first one or two sentences on the page and depending on some action i would like to show the rest word by word. As far as I can remember and read in the docs, the TextPlugin only replaces one text (or none) with new text. Is there an option to start at a certain position or have a certain length not changed.

(The text ist provided by the System in one container and and for semantic reasons and due to unknown width and different views on different devices I would prefer not to start with the expanding text in a different container, but I might go down that route...)

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Not sure I totally understand what you're looking for for, but the type property only changes parts that aren't the same. If you want more granular control, it might be better to wrap the text you want to animate with a span tag or something like that.

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Yep, I like Blake's suggestion. Another option is to do a normal "text" tween but you can start from a certain non-zero progress value. You could even calculate that based on the total number of characters. 

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