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Stagger onStart when using distributeByPosition?

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Hey friends,


With an object based stagger, you can do an onStart like so:

stagger: {
  each: 1,
  onStart: myFunc


However if you use the distributeByPosition stagger helper function (like this demo) it doesn't work that way. Any ideas how to get a stagger onStart to work with a setup like the linked demo?

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Sure, you could just manually loop through the targets and insert the tweens using the distribute helper function like this: 

See the Pen KKaQoLq?editors=0010 by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen


And put your onStart there (in each tween). 


The whole stagger thing is simply a way of calculating the delays on the resulting tweens (one for each target), so this is just doing it in a more manual way so that you have total control. 


Does that clear things up?

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Yes, makes sense. I was going to do it that way if there were not something secret already built in that supports this :) Thanks for the info!

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