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gsap.to autoAlpha

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I'm trying to reverse an animation when scroling back up using autoAlpha, but i get this error in the console


Invalid property autoAlpha set to 1 Missing plugin? gsap.registerPlugin()
Invalid property y set to 0 Missing plugin? gsap.registerPlugin()
i set an if else function when scrolling direction is equal to 0 on the autoAlpha property,
function initNavigation(){

    const mainNavLinks = gsap.utils.toArray('.main-nav a');
    const mainNavLinksRev = gsap.utils.toArray('.main-nav a').reverse();

    mainNavLinks.forEach(link => {
        link.addEventListener('mouseleave', e => {

            // add class

        link.ontransitionend = function() {
            //remove class

    function navAnimation(direction){
        const scrollingDown = direction === 1;
        const links = scrollingDown ? mainNavLinks : mainNavLinksRev;
        return gsap.to(links, {
            duration: 0.3, 
            stagger: 0.05, 
            autoAlpha: () => scrollingDown ? 0 : 1, 
            y: () => scrollingDown ? 20 : 0,
            ease: 'power4.out'


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Maybe you could put that into a demo for us?


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  • Solution


23 minutes ago, faridguzman91 said:

scroll down the back up, the animation from the nav bar links wont play in reverse,


Looks like you just forgot the brackets to make it functional


const mainNavLinksReversed = gsap.utils.toArray('.main-nav a').reverse;


const mainNavLinksReversed = gsap.utils.toArray('.main-nav a').reverse();


See the Pen d7f78af163334f2a70415535738e0354 by akapowl (@akapowl) on CodePen


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