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Kym Lee

Help with trying to stagger images on my site I am doing

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I am learning for the first time using gsap. I am also a beginner and still learning web development.

I am having trouble trying to get my cocktail images to stagger and move into view when scrolling, I am not sure how to do this?

Could someone help please? I have an assignment I need to hand in 


I have attached a only a note pad txt file as it wont allow me to upload my site due to the size.



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When I get stuck I open a Codepen.io/pen and see what I can manage to get working. I usually fork my work several times to test out different ideas, this is the best way of learning I've found. And  when nothing else works I could share the codepen URL with others to ask for help.



I've dumpt your code in a pen and the first notice I get is that you've divined `yMove` twice 


const yMove = document.querySelector(".cocktail")
var yMove = 50;

See the Pen zYoRNoG?editors=0010 by mvaneijgen (@mvaneijgen) on CodePen


I've got something working, but have no idea what it should look like: codepen.io/mvaneijgen/pen/mdOXRwp

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