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Logo stagger animation

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Hello everybody!

I need a little help with something. I got an idea but after several attempts, I couldn't make it work. I need the words to be initially stacked on top of each other with position absolute and overflow hidden, then to set gsap.set(".word", {yPercent: 110}) and afterwards to be translated up or down in order to show a word at a time on loop. It probabbly requires staggered animation that animates them to yPercent: 0 and then yPercent: -110


I'm new to JS and GSAP so any kind of advice will help!


Thanks in advance!

See the Pen BaQoVmE#code-area by balaurul (@balaurul) on CodePen

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@tailbreezy Thanks for responding! It would be nice if you also included a link to Carl's showcase of this method :) 

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Thank you a lot @tailbreezy for sharing and implementation! Also thank you @Carl for this method. This is exactly what I need :)

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