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Need a Freelancer to help with ScrollTrigger animation

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I have a site I need to animate on scroll. Most of the pieces should be straightforward.


I am including video to explain in details the requirements, also PNGs for the design.


The site is already sliced up and put together. It only needs animation incorporated. Desktop/Mobile


Ideally, the sequence should be as follow: scroll, animate, pin. The  following sections the same. It really should work as close is possible to the attached MP4.


The timing is early next week, Mon-Tue.




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Hi Krystian, just checked your requirements, I understand what you need and I'd love to work on this.


By the way, I need one thing to be clear; you mentioned you only need animation incorporated. So do you have the page already developed and you just need the animation work? Or does this work include the whole page development, I mean design to HTML work?


If there is anything else I'd love the opportunity to discuss, we can chat on DM or via email at info@abirana.com


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