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Filip Carlsson

Animation not looping continuously

Go to solution Solved by ZachSaucier,

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The animation is not looping smooth/continuously because of the delay in the end.
How can I make it not stop for a second in the end of the animation like it does on the Codepen?

See the Pen RwGyLYB by filip-carlsson (@filip-carlsson) on CodePen

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Hey Filip and welcome to the GreenSock forums. 


First off, you're using the old syntax. We highly recommend upgrading to the GSAP 3 syntax that's sleeker and lets you use new features such as GSAP's defaults. Upgrading is easy!


As for your question, I think you want something like this? I applied a delay on the timeline itself instead of baking it into the timings of the tweens within the timelines:

See the Pen poEVprK?editors=0010 by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen

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I put the delay on the timeline itself instead of on the first tween in the timeline. So the delay isn't baked in, it only applies the first time the timeline is played. If you still have questions, please ask them specifically and reference exactly what you're unsure about.

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what does: < do?


//  '<'. insert at the START of the most recently added animation
tl.to('.fourofour2', { rotateZ: -5 }, '<');

//An alternative could be

tl.to('.fourofour', { scale: 1.1 });
tl.to('.fourofour', { scale: 1 });
tl.to('.fourofour2', { rotateZ: 5 }, 0);
tl.to('.fourofour2', { rotateZ: -5 },1);


Happy positioning ...


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See the position parameter post for more info:


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