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Can you change baseURL for moble

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Would it be possible to change the baseURL for an image sequence within GSAP?  
Right now I'm working on running two TimelineMax and two canvas tags and switching display on mobile( its not actually working yet
) , that way I only need change the baseUR for mobile or browser  ( the mobile image sequence is rendered at a different ratio).


See the Pen GRjybaE by davicoo (@davicoo) on CodePen

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Hey Dcoo. First off, we highly recommend the new sleeker API syntax. Upgrading is easy!


You've got a lot of code in your demo. What's your core question?


From what I can tell, it sounds like you just need to add logic to change the baseURLm for mobile devices, correct? That's not a GSAP question. Just something like this:

var baseURLm = innerWidth > someBreakpoint ? "https://parkviewhomes.info/choose-a-model-for-sale/vids/mob/" : mobileURL;


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Thanks Zach, Ive updated API syntax, and Ill try the "Breakpoint" !

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