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Matt Severin

Help prevent Google/DoubleClick HTML5 Validator from being depreciated

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Great I have filled that out. Does anyone know why it is being depreciated?

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I think they are moving it inside the platform now based on this question.


Do you have access to CM360/DV360/Google Ads in order to rely on the in-product upload messaging for creative validation? *


The functionality will exist in Campaign Manager 360 / Display & Video 360 i work for Google Partners. i will post here if it gets deprecated as to how it works inside the Google Marketing Platform. If you can request a user role (login) for creative  validation from media agencies ect.


For Google Ads i guess you will validate by direct input and Adwords is free to set up that makes things easier.


This is not helpful to everyone as most creative develops don't have access to the tech stack, media agencies and brands do.

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That looks like a nice service but it appears to be a paid service at a certain point of use.

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