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(scrollTrigger) update animated value on onRefresh

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I searched docs and forums but i can't find answer for my problem. I have ScrollTrigger animation, where xPercent is a variable. I want change it on refresh, like this:

gsap.to(".class", {
				scrollTrigger: {
					trigger: parent_trigger,
					pin: true,
					start: "top top",
					markers: true,
					scrub: 1,
					invalidateOnRefresh: true,
					snap: {
						snapTo: 1 / 200,
						duration: {min: 0.2, max: 0.3},
						delay: 0
					onRefresh: () => {
						let scroll_width = 100 - ($(window).width()*100 / width);
						xPercent: -scroll_width
				xPercent: -scroll_width,
				ease: "none",

Is there any way to archive my goal?

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  • Solution

Hey plastois. You just need to make sure xPercent has a functional value:

xPercent: () => -scroll_width


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Thanks! I totally forgot about functional values! I also put all calculations inside xPercent function instead of onRefresh, it works better

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