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Hugo Priet

horizontal scroll-snapping & animation of active element w/ ScrollTrigger

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Hi great wizards of greensock, I 'm trying to reproduce the functionality of the gallery in the linked shot with ScrollTrigger.

I joined the pen I have working, any help is greatly appreciated!

See the Pen rNMxPwQ by smoothdev35 (@smoothdev35) on CodePen

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Hey Hugo.


Please keep in mind that these forums are intended for specific questions and for those questions it really helps to have minimal demos :) 


In your situation I think it would make the most sense to make all of your animations happen in a single timeline and ScrollTrigger. That will allow you to do snapping much more easily - you can just put labels where you need them and then tell the ScrollTrigger to snap to the labels. Keep in mind that you will need to handle the first item and the last items in special ways because they have less and different animations happening than the items in between.

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Hi Zach, thank you for your help.

I will remember to keep it minimal next time around!

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