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Scaling image (something like flip animation)

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Hey guys, I have a question about an animation that im trying to make, so is "something like Flip Animation".
Basically what I am doing is generating a small image and a larger one behind, hidden. What I want to achieve is that the one that is hidden starts from where the smallest image is and scales to the size of the viewport, but I am trying to avoid using Width and Height to make a more fluid animation and I want to use Scale for that. 
Any suggestions or ideas? it would be very helpful!

Thanks for taking the time to read!!

See the Pen RwRJWBQ by JulesthanP (@JulesthanP) on CodePen

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Hey Vulture. GSAP has a handy FLIP helper function that can help with this. There's also this thread on full-screening an element:

FYI we're working on a new FLIP plugin that makes this sort of thing a breeze :) 

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