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ScrollTrigger fromTo jumping

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Is there an obvious reason why this scrollTrigger animation JUMPS down into its initial location?

I thought it might be the immediateRender.... but I've even tried setting it to true but it only fixes the scrolling into the start trigger.... when you scroll OUT of the start trigger it still jumps.


Essentially, we placed an item in the ideal location with css. Then we want to setup a scrollTrigger animation that moves that item from just above its initial Y to just below its initial Y. 



        scrollTrigger: {
          trigger: container,
          scrub: true,
          start: 'top bottom',
          end: 'bottom top',
          markers: true,
          y: '+=100px',
        { y: '-100px', ease: 'none' },
          y: '-=150px',
        { y: '+150px', ease: 'none' },


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Hey iDVB. It's hard to say based on only the given information. Can you please create a minimal demo using CodePen?



Also note that you can leave out the "px" in your y values if you want to.

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Thanks @ZachSaucier,

Ya working on an example now... but unable to replicate the issue so far. :(

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