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gsap formatters prettier ?

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Sup guys, do you have something to get optimal formatter with gsap?

With a prettier plugins or another formatters?

Prettier is nice for react,jsx, but became weird with gsap chaining.


What did you use ? any recommendation or special setting ?

Example here, syntax became buggy, look gsap color, because it break lines for a reason i dont know !




Maybe a way to get something like this ?  optimal space !

      gsap.to('.ActivityTab'0.6, {
            opacity: 1,
            scale: 1,
            rotation: 0,
            y: '0%',
            ease: 'elastic.out(1.2, 0.75)',
            stagger: {
               from: 0,
               amount: 0.5,


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I don't think so. The point of prettier is be very strict about the formatting.



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Yeah, the only reason I don't use prettier at all, is just for that particular setting which can't be turned off completely and you're left with a bunch of // prettier-ignore comments floating around in your code:




When I'm forced to use prettier I don't have a good time. Normally I use a very regular eslint setting and that's it, I take care of object, arrays, functions, new-lines, etc. formatting manually. I left eslint to autofix indentation, semicolons (when needed), quotes, spaces, etc.

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