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Licencing question

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Could I just clarify which particular licence I require please. I have read through a few posts regarding licencing, and I think I've got it, but just wanted to double-check before I purchase. 


I'm a web developer.


I have a client who wants a website and I'm planning on using GSAP for, well, you know what its for!


Access to this new website that will use GSAP will be via a member-only area, however there is no charge or fee for being a member - it's just a way of the client verifying their membership.


I do need some of the bonus plugins, Split Text etc, so I think Shockingly Green is the correct licence here, as there's no fee being charged for anything.


Once I've finished this project, I am hoping to create a website for a totally different client. There will be no member area or charge for accessing this site (its a record label).


So, the question is: if I personally maintain the yearly payment for the licence, am I covered for both of the above sites (and hopefully more in the future), or do I need the Business Green licence straight away ?


Actually, assuming that Shockingly Green is correct to build and deploy the first website, could I then upgrade to Business Green if I need to, in order to add additional clients (providing they're not charging for access to the area that uses GSAP) ?


I hope that makes sense!








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Hey darkgr33n and welcome to the GreenSock forums. And thanks for asking about this! It says a lot about the type of person you are.


According to your description you're correct. One Shockingly Green membership covers an unlimited amount of work for different clients. And since the products that you are selling with GSAP are not sold to multiple people a commercial license that comes with Business Green is not required. 


If that members only area required payment then that usage would require that the site owner retain a valid commercial license that comes with Business Green. That's true if they decide to make it paid later (they would need a valid Business Green membership at that point). But since that's not the case, no need for it.


Does that make sense? Let us know if we can help with anything else.

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Hey Zach,


Many thanks for your quick reply and confirmation!

Yes, that makes perfect sense. I thought that was the case after reading through the docs, but just wanted to make sure.


I'd not used GSAP until about two weeks ago and have been playing about in CodePen and, really, it's a must-have for me. I had tried to mess with css transitions before but found them rather laborious, but GSAP puts the fun back into the dev :)


I'm sure I will be asking some coding questions in the next few weeks as I try to get my head round everything. I'm going to be using it alongside barba.js, and I seem to remember reading on one of the posts that you were doing a demo of this as part of the learning section. Is that still on the cards ?


Many thanks again!

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2 minutes ago, darkgr33n said:

Is that still on the cards ?

Yes, still coming. Just not out as soon as I'd hope due to us trying to optimize one of the functions included in the demo for different use cases :) 

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no problem - i've got a fair bit of work to do before I get to that stage anyhow! 


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