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Riyas Ahamed

How can add TweenLite Code with ScrollTrigger

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I want to add this  Tweenlite code when my trigger reach the start point. ( I was Using ScrollTrigger )

TweenLite.to("#one", 1, {
  // ease: Power4.easeInOut,
  ease: Linear.easeNone,
  css: {"opacity": "1",
  "z-index": "99"




      start:"top 80px",
      end : "bottom top",

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Hi Ryas, 

it would help if you could post an example of your problem in a codepen but looking at your code it seems that you are trying to mix tweenlite (an old version of green sock) with gsap3.timeline() and scrolltrigger() - a recently added plugin.

there are some instructions on how to create a codepen and if you look in the docs you can find the differences and how to convert tweenlite to the more recent gsap.to() from() and toFrom() methods.

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Yeah, it's difficult to know what's going on without a minimal demo, but I assume you wanted something like this: 


let tl = gsap.timeline({
		trigger: ".one",
		toggleClass: "active",
		start: "top 80px",
		end: "bottom top",
		scrub: true,
		pin: false,
		markers: true

tl.to("#one", {
	duration: 1,
	ease: "none",
	opacity: 1,
	zIndex: 99

If you're migrating from an old GSAP version, you might want to check out


Happy tweening (and scrolling)!

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