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ScrollTrigger + Highway.js

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Hello guys, so im having a problem while using ScrollTrigger + Locomotive scroll + Highway.js, so im setting up a scrollerProxy() for use the locomotive scroll and tigger an animation that fires a MotionPath, so at first glance it works well, but when i change views with Highway.js and comeback where the ScrollTrigger need to fire the MotionPath(Basically the timeline) again, it doesnt work, like sometimes read the timeline and set up the element but doesnt fire it or sometimes not even mount the timeline, so also im refreshing the scrolltrigger passing the update method that locomotive scroll bring us, so perhaps i missing something, like killing the timeline onLeaveComplete. Any help will be great!



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It's super difficult to troubleshoot blind and I've never heard of Highway.js but...

  • Make sure you kill() all the ScrollTrigger instances that you don't want active anymore. 
  • Also kill() any animations that you don't want active anymore. If they're associated with a ScrollTrigger, kill that first so that it reverts things before you kill the animation. 
  • You may need to call ScrollTrigger.refresh() AFTER you've set everything up again (including killing off the old stuff). 

If you still need help, please create the absolute minimal demo (not your actual project) and we'd be happy to take a peek. 


Happy scrolling!

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