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Hi. I'm new to GSAP and after doing some exercises and watching some videos I'm actually getting lost in regards of which library to use. For example, you can use the stagger functionality from both gsap.to and TweenMax. By checking the Docs portion of the Greensock website, the left menu is divided in : gsap, tween and timeline... Can someone please give me an overview of how GSAP is structured?

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Ah, you must be watching a mix of old and new videos. 


Forget about TweenMax, TweenLite, TimelineLite, and TimelineMax - in version 3, those were basically all combined into one central "gsap" object. Much simpler. We shaved off file size too.


For example...

// OLD
TweenMax.to(".class", 2, {x: 100});

// NEW
gsap.to(".class", {duration: 2, x: 100});

You can see all the details in the migration guide at



Staggering is much easier in v3 too. ANY tween can have a stagger applied. In the old GSAP, you had to use a specific method like TweenMax.staggerTo(). 

// OLD
TweenMax.staggerTo(".class", 2, {x: 100}, 0.5);

// NEW
gsap.to(".class", {duration: 2, x: 100, stagger: 0.5});

I hope that helps. 


I'd strongly recommend going through our "getting started" post/video at


You might also want to check out @Carl's video course at https://courses.snorkl.tv/courses/gsap-3-express?ref=44f484


And there's a brand new tutorial site that covers a lot of GSAP stuff at https://motiontricks.com from one of our outstanding moderators, @PointC - that site covers only v3, so you don't need to worry about old syntax. Same with Carl's stuff. 


Happy tweening!


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Great & thanks for makes things clear for me! I'll definitely follow your tips & check out the urls provided. :-)

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