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Canvas page transitions and hover

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Dear forum participants. I need your professionalism in coding. I can’t understand what is used to achieve effects such as in these examples:
1. When you click on any project from the bottom up, the rounded form of the divlock block https://jesperlandberg.dev/
2. a very similar effect we can see when you click on the menu at https://www.chiaraluzzana.com/about
3. when you hover over any project + when you click on this project, a similar effect appears https://www.martinehrlich.com/
I hope I threw off enough examples to understand what I mean. I want to achieve a smooth distortion of the standard div block. With CSS, this smooth effect is not possible.
Please tell me the script or explain how to repeat it? I also found a library with a similar menu, but I don’t quite understand whether it is or not: https://tympanus.net/Development/OffCanvasMenuEffects/bubble.html


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Hey GeS and welcome. Perhaps @jesper.landberg can give his input ;) 


SVG is almost always the way to go for this sort of thing as it's responsive and more flexible than divs. That's exactly what the Codrops animation uses. I talk about the steps to create that sort of transition here:

Let us know if you have specific questions.

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Thank you very much, dear Jesper!!!

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