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modifiers and pixi plugin

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Hey benoit. No, nested plugins are not supported. What's your end goal? Perhaps we can help you structure things in a nice way.

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Maybe MotionPath & Pixi (I remember a codepen by Osublake).

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I think you're thinking of this thread?


You can use modifiers with Pixi, just not the PixiPlugin. Does that make sense? 


But you may not need the modifiers plugin. If you describe your goal perhaps we can point you in the right direction.

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If you need to animate x and y, you really don't need to use pixi plugin. x and y are properties of the display object. The plugin helps out for stuff like scale.


  duration: 4,
  x: 500,
  y: 500,
    x:function(x){return 0; } // for test :D 


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