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How to do soft bezier with MotionPath

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Thanks @GreenSock :) 


I knew you were not ignoring it, I just wanted to do a follow up.


I know you have a very in depth knowledge of all the code. I've been trying to migrate BezierPlugin to the GSAP 3 API just to see if it was easy to do. What I tried was to migrate new Segment() from the BezierPlugin API to MotionPathPlugin.


This is what I tried:


- Add Segment function to MotionPathPlugin https://github.com/greensock/GSAP/blob/2.1.3/src/esm/BezierPlugin.js#L21-L35

- When MotionPathPlugin receives a new type called 'soft', parse the points with this function https://github.com/greensock/GSAP/blob/2.1.3/src/esm/BezierPlugin.js#L220-L259

- On plugin init, do something like this._beziers =  _parseBezierData(values, vars.type, first);' when type: soft is present.

- It seems that set(v) and render(ratio, data) differ from the arguments they receive, so I couldn't continue after this point.


I wanted to follow this approach as this will make it work exactly like in GSAP 2.


Anyway, I guess you already have your own solution :) It's just that I've been breaking my head with this too. 😅 Thank you 👍

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Roses are red,

violets are blue,

Isn't GSAP super cool?

or is it just you @GreenSock?


Please make this happen 💌

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On 5/13/2020 at 7:19 PM, GreenSock said:

Oh, I think it's not even close - I'd bet less than 0.01% need 3D motion paths. I'm not saying it wouldn't be useful to anyone though. Maybe if there's enough demand, we create a MotionPath3DPlugin or something. Putting that functionality into the existing plugin means significant kb being added to anything that leverages paths/beziers, including MorphSVGPlugin, CustomEase, and the PathEditor that's used in MotionPathHelper. I think this is the first time this kind of request has come up since GSAP 3 was launched which is an indicator of how pervasive the need is. Agreed? 

I happen to be one one of the 0.01% unfortunately... Is there any update on this?

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I do plan to dig into the smoothing issue mentioned earlier in this thread, but it is a very DEEP dive and will take time. Thanks for your patience.


If you really need 3D motion paths, feel free to contact us privately and we can chat about a custom [paid] consulting project but it isn't something we're planning on adding to the platform anytime soon.

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