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GSAP 3 Error when using Scroll Magic

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I seem to be getting an error in the console (pasted below)

Invalid property onOverwrite set to undefined Missing plugin? gsap.registerPlugin()


This happens when my scrollMagic trigger is activated.

If you scroll up on the codePen with the console open, you can see it.


I removed all of the properties one-by-one, but I still seem to get the error, although it still executes the code. Does anyone know whats wrong with my code or the reason why ?


See the Pen gObxdgd by celli (@celli) on CodePen

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Hey celli,


This is an issue with ScrollMagic, not GSAP. A PR has been made but no official release for it yet: https://github.com/janpaepke/ScrollMagic/pull/920


ScrollMagic is not well maintained, we don't recommend using it. You could simply detect the scroll position and fire an animation (without ScrollMagic) in your demo. Or use the Intersection Observer API. 

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ahh, got it. Okay, thank you!

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